Our Team

The strength of WellMax is from the individuals within it and to deliver the best service we need to invest in the best people...

WellMax are proud of their extremely knowledgeable and experienced management team who are truly hands on in their leadership.  Working by example creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and pride in the works undertaken across all of our business by all our workforce.

Culture of Opportunity

The open door policy at WellMax allows operatives to freely suggest alternative approaches to problems and this leads to innovative and dynamic solutions. WellMax also encourages ready interaction with other trades which allows for a collaborative approach to works. This benefits all operatives on site and ultimately aids the client.

The management structure at WellMax is utterly hands on. With over 15 years of industry experience of prestigious, complex contracts and a drive to be the best, WellMax's management expect the best from its operatives. This creates a working atmosphere of mutual respect and pride in the works undertaken.

The TeAM

WellMax Scaffolding was formed in 2008 by Russell Maxwell-Smith, Managing Director who instilled the fundamental values of the company to – “deliver a product we are proud of, keeping a focus on employee satisfaction, all whilst giving the customer a little more than they expected”. 15 years on and these are still the core values that underpin the business and are attributable to the growth and market position that WellMax holds today.

Russell truly leads by his own example to the team. He has a “hands-on” approach, sharing his extensive knowledge and working closely with the management team to teach and share his experiences. Recognised within the industry for these strengths, Russell was invited to the role of President of the Scaffolding Association in 2017 and has remained in this role since. 

WellMax’s strength and longevity as a leading scaffolding contractor is a result of its underlying drive to be recognised as a leader and influencer within our industry and this is further reflected through the workforce across all disciplines, working collectively together to achieve this aim.

Learning from others is paramount even to already experienced management;  WellMax retain the services of fully qualified independent external consultants and recognised trade bodies that mentor our management team and ensure as a business our statutory compliance and industry best practice.

Russell Maxwell-Smith | Managing Director